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Labels for Google and Facebook Ads
Labels for Google and Facebook Ads

Label Creation and ReportGarden Label filters

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Labels allow you to organize your campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords into groups. Labels are customizable, and you can change them around at any time.

Google Ads Label Creation - Refer to the article below for Google Ads Label creation

Facebook Ads Label Creation -

To add a campaign / ad label, follow the steps below :

  1. Go to the Campaigns, or Ads section.

  2. Find the campaign, ad set, ad that you want to add a label to.

  3. Click Edit under the campaign / ad set / ad name.

  4. In the Campaign / Ad name form, enter the label that you want to use in the label field.

  5. Click Close after your edits have automatically been verified and saved.

Labels are the best way to group a particular set of campaigns, ad sets / ad groups, or ads. You can create labels in your Google / Facebook Ads manager and use a Campaign Label, Adgroup label, or Ad label filter in ReportGarden based on your reporting requirements.

Label filter options for Google Ads in ReportGarden

Label filter options for Facebook Ads in ReportGarden

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