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What is Simplifi? is a programmatic media buying, display advertising, and streaming / OTT monetization. It is a data management and demand-side buying hybrid platform (DMP / DSP).

How do you link Simplifi accounts on ReportGarden?

In order to link your Simplifi Ads accounts to ReportGarden, please follow the steps below

Navigate to ReportGarden -> Accounts.

Click on Link Account

Click on Simplifi

You will be asked to enter the App Key and the User Key

Please contact the team for the App Key.

To get the User Key, please go to Admin -> User Settings -> API User key and copy the user key.

Enter the information and click on submit. You will be able to see the accounts linked in ReportGarden.

How do you activate Simplifi accounts on ReportGarden?

In order to activate your Simplifi Ads accounts to ReportGarden, please email [email protected].

In order to fetch data from Simplifi, we first need to create reports using existing report templates on Simplifi

These reports, once created through the API, should not be deleted from the system. Deleting these reports will result in data fetches to fail.

They will appear with a prefix called RG and a suffix (do not delete)

What are the limitations with Simplifi?

Simplifi is a storage connector. We fetch the data for the last 60 days from the day the account is linked.

Simplifi data is fetched once per day, so live data, especially related to the current day is not possible to retrieve.

Dimensions and Measures

The following Dimensions are available for Simplifi




Date - group by daily, weekly, monthly and yearly


Name of the campaign

Campaign Status

Status of the campaign

Campaign Type

Type of campaign

Campaign Goal

Goal of the campaign

Ad Name

Name of the ad

Ad status

Status of the Ad

Ad target URL

Target URL of the ad

Ad Creative URL

Creative URL of the ad

Ad Size

Size of the ad

Geo Fence Name

Name of the geo fence

Geo Target Name

name of the geo target



Device Type

Device Type









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