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What is Active Campaign?

ActiveCampaign provides cloud-based marketing and sales automation software with features for email marketing, lead scoring, web analytics and a CRM platform,

How do you link Active Campaign accounts on ReportGarden?

In order to link your Active Campaign accounts to ReportGarden, please follow the steps below

Navigate to ReportGarden -> Accounts.

Click on Link Account

Click on Active Campaign

You will be asked to enter the API key and URL. To get the API key and URL for Active campaign, follow the steps below

Click the "Settings" option located in the left side navigation menu.

The Account Settings menu will appear. Click the "Developer" option.

The Developer Settings page will load and will display your ActiveCampaign API URL and Key. You can copy and paste this information into ReportGarden

Click on Submit and you will be taken back to ReportGarden

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