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What is Unbounce?

Unbounce is a drag-and-drop builder that lets you create and publish your own landing pages, and collect forms

How do you link Unbounce accounts on ReportGarden?

In order to link your Unbounce accounts to ReportGarden, please follow the steps below

Navigate to ReportGarden -> Accounts.

Click on Link Account

Click on Unbounce

Enter the Unbounce API Key. To know more about API Keys, refer the article here https://developer.unbounce.com/getting_started/ under Managing API Keys.

Unbounce Metrics and Dimensions

Unbounce offers a wide variety of analytics, which are listed as below


The following dimensions are available for Unbounce




The date at which the statistics were recorded


The landing page

Page Group

The group to which the landing page belongs


The domain of the landing page


The following measures are available for Unbounce




No of visits


No of unique visits


No of conversions


No of clicks on CTAs

Form Submits

No of times a form has been submitted

Lifetime Visits

Total no of visits since the page was created

Lifetime Visitors

Total unique visits since the page was created

Lifetime Conversions

Total conversions since the page was created

Lifetime Clicks

Total clicks on CTAs since the page was created

Lifetime Form Submits

Total form submits since the page was created

Click Rate

No of clicks / No of visitors

Conversion Rate

No of conversions / No of visitors

Form Submit Rate

No of form submits / No of visitors

Lifetime Click Rate

Lifetime Clicks / Lifetime Visitors

Lifetime Conversion Rate

Lifetime Conversions / Lifetime Visitors

Lifetime Form Submit Rate

Lifetime Form Submits / Lifetime Visitors

Data Freshness and reporting durations

  • Unbounce is a storage connector. The data is refreshed every 24 hours.

  • Data can only be tracked from the day the account has been linked with ReportGarden. This is a limitation from Unbounce API. Historical data cannot be fetched by the connector. In case you have captured historical data through any other platform, please email the data to [email protected] so that we can import it in our system.

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