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More metrics added to Instagram Analytics
More metrics added to Instagram Analytics
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We have recently added new metrics to our Instagram Analytics Integration. You could find all of them here. These are supported in time and overview dimensions.

  1. "Total Stories Count"

  2. "Total Reels Count"

  3. "Total Videos Count"

  4. "Total Images Count"

  5. "Total Carousel Album Count"

  6. "All Posts Reach"

  7. "All Posts Like Count"

  8. "All Posts Comments Count"

  9. "All Posts Engagement"

  10. "All Posts Saved"

  11. "All Posts Video Views"

  12. "Story Impressions"

  13. "Story Replies"

  14. "Story Exits"

  15. "Story Taps Back"

  16. "Story Taps Forward"

  17. "Story Likes Count"

  18. "Reels Comments"

  19. "Reels Plays"

  20. "Reels Shares"

  21. "Reels Total Interactions"

  22. "Reels Reach"

  23. "Reels Like Count"

  24. "Reels Saved"

  25. "Clicks" (for click type dimension)

  26. "CTR" (for click type dimension)

Is the metric you need, not there in ReportGarden. Share the details with us on [email protected] and we will get you within 24 hours,

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