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Facebook Pages Reporting FAQ

Facebook Pages Reporting FAQ

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Is Facebook Pages data live?

Yes, Facebook Pages is a live connector

Up to what duration can I fetch Facebook Page data?

Facebook Pages data can be fetched over a period of 465 days

The data that I see in Facebook Pages is not matching with what I see in ReportGarden

Follow the steps below to ensure that the right settings are selected

  • Ensure that the right date range is selected

  • Ensure that the right metrics are selected

  • Check for any filters

How do I show Reach in Facebook Pages?

The following metrics can be used to show the reach of the Facebook page / Facebook posts

  • Page Reach - Unique Page Impressions

  • Paid Page Reach - Paid Unique Page Impressions

  • Organic Page Reach - Organic Unique Page Impressions

  • Page Post Reach - Unique Page Post Impressions

  • Paid Post Reach - Paid Unique Page Impressions

  • Organic Post Reach - Organic Unique Page Impressions

Total reach is not equal to paid reach + organic reach

Total reach might not always exactly equal the sum of the organic and paid reach metrics. This is because the unique impressions insight values are calculated independently and is a limitation from Facebook's API. ReportGarden shows the data as returned by Facebook's API and currently there is no work around.

Why is there a difference in Reach between Report Garden and Facebook Insights?

This is due to API limitation. You can use UNIQUE PAGE IMPRESSIONS (LAST 28 DAYS) or UNIQUE PAGE IMPRESSIONS (LAST 7 DAYS) as a workaround. Facebook API doesn't provide aggregated data for reach, therefore aggregating reach data in our tool might be different from what you see in Facebook account. Therefore we suggest using UNIQUE PAGE IMPRESSIONS (LAST 28 DAYS) or UNIQUE PAGE IMPRESSIONS (LAST 7 DAYS) metrics as they are directly provided by Facebook API.

All my posts are not showing up in the given duration

To ensure that the posts are displayed, do the following checks

  • Ensure that the post is not a private post or the post has been deleted. Deleted posts and posts with private settings cannot be pulled via the API

  • Firstly, ensure that the right date range is selected.

  • Ensure that the created date/time of the post falls in the selected date range. If the post has been created before/after the start_date/end_date respectively, the post will not be shown in the results

  • Go to the advanced tab and ensure that the no of rows to show is sufficiently large to display all the results in the given time period

  • Ensure that the right post kind is selected. All posts should cover it. Also check if you have the right permissions to show visitor posts, scheduled posts, etc.

I'm unable to see data for age, gender and other demographic dimensions

Facebook needs to have a certain threshold of page impressions to show data for age/gender. You can see more details on it here. 
When you select a widget and the corresponding date range, you need to ensure that the date range is large enough that the traffic coming on to your page meets the minimum criteria. Try increasing the date range to 6 months or 1 year to get the data.

How do I show only the promoted posts data?

Promoted posts data can easily be filtered and shown by using the following filter in the advanced tab

Paid Impressions > 0

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