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Instagram Analytics FAQ

Instagram Analytics FAQ

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Is Instagram Analytics live?

No, Instagram Analytics data is fetched every 24 hours and updated in our system

My data is not matching with ReportGarden.

Ensure that

  • The right date range is selected

  • The right Instagram account is selected

  • Check when the account was linked to ReportGarden. For metrics like stories, etc., we cannot fetch historical data.

  • Check if the right metric for reach is selected

I am unable to link my Instagram Analytics account with ReportGarden

  • Check if all the pre-requisites for account linking have been meet. For details, check here

  • Follow the linking process again.

  • Reach out to [email protected] if the problem persists

Data for reach is not matching in ReportGarden

Reach is treated as a cumulative metric. The best approaches to get the closest reach possible is to use the metric Reach 28 days, which shows the reach 28 days from the end date selected as the time period

Can I show data from Instagram Reels?

Yes, Meta has recently introduced the Reels API for developers and Reels data is now available in ReportGarden. Please refer the support article here for more details.

Reach and total followers from each geo location / age/gender is not adding up to the total profile followers and reach

Total reach might not always exactly equal the sum of the organic and paid reach metrics. This is because the unique impressions insight values are calculated as aggregate metrics.

The count of followers that are split by demographic dimensions (country, city, age, gender) will not match to the metrics shown at the profile level. These are limitations from the Instagram API, as they use a sample set, and also, they can encounter profiles that have not set their demographic data in their profile information

How do I track the difference between paid and organic metrics for Instagram impressions and reach?

There are limitations with respect to what data is provided by Instagram API for consumption. If you need to track promoted or paid metrics, you will need to use the data from Facebook ads. Please refer to the article here to know more about how to get the data for boosted posts in ReportGarden

I am unable to get the previous data of Instagram Analytics

Most often than not, this is because the Instagram profile has been converted to a business account recently.

Only metrics and posts created after the account became a business account can be fetched through the API by ReportGarden

What is the difference between the Dimensions - All Posts, Posts and Reels?

  • All Posts - Contains both Instagram Posts + Reels data

  • Feed - Contains only Instagram Posts data

  • Reels - Contains only Instagram Reels data

Due to API limitations we do not have impressions data for reels, but you can use Reach or Plays metrics as a workaround for it.

Instagram Follower Count data is not matching in ReportGarden

Follower count is the total new followers in the given date range. There might be followers who have unfollowed the profile in the same time period. Therefore the net follower count will not match with the sum of followers in the last month and the new followers.

Instagram Stories previews are not showing up

We are unable to show Instagram Story previews due to API limitations from Facebook.

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