Instagram reels are a short and crisp way of engaging audiences. You can use Instagram reels to make your brand and product look distinct and unique among your competitors.

Meta has finally introduced Reels API for developers, and Reels data is now available in our Reports and Documents.

How to get Reels Data in reports?

Follow the steps below to obtain metrics related to Instagram Reels

  1. Select the widget of your choice and choose the Data Source as Instagram Analytics

  2. Select "Reels" under Dimension

  3. Choose the Measures and Time Range as per your requirements

  4. Click Submit

You'll see your data populated in the widget. With ReportGarden you also get a preview of your reels along with the data.

Note : Reels Data is currently not supported in the Overview Widget. Table widget can be used to populate the data with previews. You could use total row in the table widget.

Here is a quick video walkthrough

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