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Q: I am unable to see my data in Klaviyo. It says "The metric has not been configured in the Klaviyo Account"

Please check if you have added the private key and not the public key. Private keys start with pk_ and are 38 characters long. We can only fetch the data through the private key.

If the private key is correctly entered, and you are able to fetch data for a few metrics but not for the new metrics you have added, you can always refresh the metrics available by following the steps below.

1) Go to Accounts

2) Click on the Klaviyo Account for which you are unable to view the new metrics data for

3) Click on the sub account, to go to the sub account page

Once in the sub account page, you will see a button called Fetch Custom Metrics. Click that button to ensure that all the latest metrics from Klaviyo are pulled in and mapped to ReportGarden.

Q: I see some discrepancy in the data between ReportGarden and the performance dashboard of Klaviyo

This main report on the Performance Dashboard is meant to show the money you've made in that time period for emails sent in that time period. SO it's not going to show purchases from emails sent from previous time periods for campaigns, it's only showing money made from that specific time. Therefore, the revenue made from the campaign that was sent on 4/30 is not going to show up in a performance dashboard for 5/4 to 5/11.

This is a wholly unique report and can't be really be repeated anywhere else, including the API.

Data coming from API and Metric

This is going to be completely agnostic when it comes to time period. If the metric fired in the time period you requested, it's going to show up. here. Since there were a few purchases from the campaign sent on 4/30 on 5/4 5/5 and 5/6 and you have a 7 day attribution window, this email is going to show up in the API call. These are the raw metrics numbers, not framed by any sort of message sending schedule.

There is no way to replicate what you're getting on the performance dashboard with the API at the moment.

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