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Pinterest Ads Reporting FAQ
Pinterest Ads Reporting FAQ

Pinterest Ads reporting FAQ

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The data that I see in Pinterest Ads dashboard is not matching with what I see in ReportGarden

Pinterest Ads data matches with the data that is seen in the Pinterest Ads dashboard as long as you

  • Ensure that the right date range is selected

  • Ensure that the right metrics are selected

  • Check for any filters

  • Check for the right values of

    • Click window days

    • Engagement window days

    • View window days

    • Conversion Report Time

In case you still see a data mismatch, please email [email protected] with

a) screenshot of the data that you see in Pinterest Ads dashboard with date range, account number and the values clearly visible

b) the report highlighting the widget where the data mismatch is present.

Why can't I see the data when date range is set to Today or end date is Today

Data can only be fetched 1 day prior to the current day. Current day's data cannot be fetched as it is being processed. Frequently querying live data for the current date is not possible due to the rate limits imposed by the Pinterest team

How far back can I fetch the data for Pinterest Ads

Data can only be fetched for the last 6 months. Beyond that, data cannot be retrieved.

Why can't I see my ad previews for Pinterest Ads

You can only get the Pinterest pin preview of the ad in question if the account that you have used to connect the Pinterest Ad Account has access to the Pins . If you want to avoid showing invalid ad previews, please use the Ad Name dimension

For eg, if you are managing the Pinterest Ad Account of a brand, named ACME Inc, whose Pinterest handle is acmeinc you will only be able to see the pin previews if you are able to connect the ad account with the handle acmeinc.

Reach and Frequency that is seen in ReportGarden is different from that in Pinterest Ads

Data for Reach and Frequency will not match with what you see in the dashboard for Pinterest Ads. This is because, we treat reach and frequency as an aggregated metric. This will be accommodated in the future releases as and when Pinterest Ads API allows higher rate limits, so that we can fetch the data and treat it as a non aggregated metric.

Can I use Pinterest Ads in budgeting module?

Currently, budgeting is supported for Pinterest Ads.

Q: Can I use Pinterest Ads in invoicing module?

Currently, invoicing is supported for Pinterest Ads.

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