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Facebook's Attribution Window
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What is the attribution window?

An attribution window is the number of days between when a person viewed or clicked the ad and subsequently took an action. The ad actions are measured based on clicks and views of the ad. There are 2 types of attribution based on it.

  • Click-through attribution: A person clicked your ad and took an action.

  • View-through attribution: A person saw your ad, didn't click it, but took an action within the attribution window.

The attribution window has been recently replaced by attribution settings.

What are attribution settings?

The account level attribution window and the ad set level conversion window are merged into a new ad set level attribution setting. The attribution setting is a finite period of time during which conversions can be credited to the ads and are used to inform campaign optimization. (This change was done on 19th January 2021)

Except for iOS 14 app install campaigns, we support the following windows under this attribution setting:

  • 1-day click

  • 7-day click (default)

  • 1-day click and 1-day view

  • 7-day click and 1-day view

  • 28-day click, 28-day view, and 7-day view(deprecated recently)

Note: For certain types of campaigns, not all window options are possible. These include:

  • Some non-iOS 14 apps install campaigns, where only 1-day click and 1-day view options are available

  • Some campaigns optimizing for value or app event, where only 1-day click and 7-day click options are available.

  • iOS 14 app install campaigns, which will only report based on the attribution window provided by Apple's SKAdNetwork API.

What is the default attribution window?

Prior to 19th January 2021, the default attribution window is a 7-day click and 1-day view. After that, the default is changed on the Facebook end to a 7-day click.

Where do you select the attribution window during the reporting?

Go to the advanced option in the widget editor. You would see the default one selected. If the attribution setting is a different one, you could modify it there.

How do the attribution changes affect the reporting?

ReportGarden doesn't store any of your data. When it is the default, it returns the data of the current attribution default setting. We would not be able to automatically bring in the earlier default attribution data for reports for the past date.

However, you could choose 2 widgets and show the current default data in one widget and the previous default attribution data in the other widget.

Why does ReportGarden still show the deprecated attribution window options?

You could retrieve the data with the currently deprecated window options for a past date in ReportGarden.

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