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Integrating Choozle into ReportGarden
Integrating Choozle into ReportGarden

Link your Choozle account and start visualizing the advertising campaign data into beautiful and intuitive reports in ReportGarden

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We are extremely happy to announce a new data source - Choozle integrating into the ReportGarden. 

About Choozle

Choozle provides is a digital advertising software platform that leverages detailed consumer data to powerful programmatic advertising campaigns across display, video, mobile and other mediums.

How to connect Choozle to ReportGarden?

Connecting Choozle to ReportGarden is simple and straightforward.
Lets get started:

  1. Select "Choozle" in "Select the type of account" modal.

  2. Enter your email and access key. That's it!

Expand your reporting capabilities with ReportGarden

Easily track impressions won, advertiser cost, CPC, impressions bid on and more to help your clients gain insights into their investment, impact and return on the advertising campaigns. 

Metrics offered

Campaign Name - Name of your ad campaign.
Impressions Won - Total no.of impressions that were won/purchased
Impressions Bid On - Total no.of impressions that were bid on, but not necessary won/purchased
CTR - The amount spent to get an advertisement clicked.
CPA - The target you wish to pay in order to attain a conversion.
Conversions - Conversion is when a call-to-action performs a desired action.
Advertiser cost - Spend for the given campaign and adgroup. It is media spend + data cost
CPC - Cost per click on an ad (cost/click)
CPM - CPM (cost per mille or thousand impressions). Under this pricing model, the publisher is paid every time a website visitor sees an ad. Example: a website that charges a CPM of $5 will earn $5 for every 1,000 ads that its visitors see.
Click - number of clicks
Adgroup Id - Id of an Adgroup.
Adgroup Name
- Name of an Adgroup.
Campaign ID
- Id of a campaign.
Campaign Status
- Status of a campaign. 

With this new data source integration, you can now report across 27 ad networks. Also, Pinterest, Apex Chat, Perfect Audience data source integrations are going to release soon.

Pre-built widgets and KPIs save time

All ReportGarden integrations incorporate default widgets and KPIs to make report creation easy and quick. Once you connect your ad account with ReportGarden, you’ll have access to 11 pre-built widgets and different KPIs to start your report creation.

Create your own metrics

You also have the flexibility to create your own metrics to match the information needs of your clients. Along with conversion and performance metrics, and multiple dimension options which helps you dig into the data, you can build a comprehensive report that tracks progress over time and provide the insights needed to optimize campaign results. And with easy to use drop-downs, custom reporting has never been so easy.

Link your account and start visualizing the Choozle data into beautiful and intuitive reports now! 

Have questions about linking Choozle account? Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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