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Things to consider while allocating ad budget
Things to consider while allocating ad budget
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Social media has revolutionized the way business communicates with their customers. It has become a viable marketing approach that can be measured and has the potential to deliver results to a business in real-time.

One way to reach your audience is with paid media. According to Forrester, the total US digital marketing spend will be near $120 billion by 2021. And while investments of paid media are on the rise and continue to grow, there are additional considerations that should be top of mind.

1. Start with a good story

In business, stories are essential to capture the hearts and minds of customers and prospects. They help humanize your brand, build relationships. The ability to cause an emotional or rational reaction from a customer is the epitome of storytelling and should always be a priority.

2. Targeting is key to deliver results

When storytelling has done, it can drive significant value for your brand. But a story is great, only if your target audience thinks it is great. Paid media enables you to define your target audiences with laser-focused precision.

Understand where your audience lives, what language they use, who they follow on social media or what they find interesting will allow you to reach your audience with more relevancy.

3. Real-time monitoring is of high importance

With paid media, you can monitor and optimize campaign performance in real-time. Real-time monitoring allows you to know if your content isn’t resonating and empowers you to make adjustments on the fly. If your click-through rate is stagnant, you can adjust some of your targeting parameters to get it back on track. 

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