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Improved Amazon Ads Integration
Improved Amazon Ads Integration
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We've made significant enhancements to our Amazon Ads Integration, introducing some user-friendly updates to overcome various challenges. Here are some key insights into these enhancements.

  • Improved Lookback of 60 days over the 30-day lookback window. This results in improved data accuracy.

  • Support for Sponsored Brand - Video campaigns - This is a new type of campaign, that is currently being supported by the framework. We have noticed data discrepancy issues being fixed for Sponsored brand-video campaigns.

  • Proactive notification when access is lost - If the access is lost for a given store, or the token is invalid, the system will automatically update the account status to Relink Needed, so that the user can relink the account and give the system access to a new token.

  • Faster sync times - Benchmarks are now 3x faster. The test data set includes syncing data for 90 stores and running 50,000 workflows for data over the last 60 days. The optimal time to sync the data is 5 hours. At scale, we can upgrade our resources and achieve the sync in 2 hours, if needed. This is 3x improvement over the 16 hours of sync time needed in our prior solution

  • Faster sync time for first-time store - We can now sync the data for a new store in 6 hours, as compared to 48 hours.

  • Improved data retrieval times - We have observed 5x faster times for data retrieval, based on our benchmarks, to retrieve data from various vendor/seller stores at overview/time/campaign level data. This is now possible due to provisioning a larger database and allocating more resources, to account for faster processing times. We have also built an improved aggregation logic framework to aggregate data in an optimal way and cache the data.

Get the details of the metrics and dimensions here.

For any further questions, write to us at [email protected].

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