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Release Notes - October 2023
Release Notes - October 2023
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To align with the evolving market standards, the Reportgarden team is delighted to introduce a host of fresh features and expanded support options for our valued clients. Below, you'll discover some exciting updates from the past couple of months.

1. BirdEye Integration

ReportGarden now supports the highest-rated all-in-one reputation and customer experience platform, BirdEye.

For more information refer to this article.

2. Integration Integration has been seamlessly incorporated into the extensive array of integrations that ReportGarden offers.

For more information refer to this article.

3. Improved Amazon Ads Integration

We have enhanced the integration with Amazon Ads with the following improvements:

  • Improved Lookback of 60 days

  • Support for Sponsored Brand - Video campaigns

  • Proactive notification when access is lost

  • Faster sync times

  • Faster sync time for first-time store

  • Improved data retrieval times

For more information refer to this article.

4. Local Service Ads

Google Ads Integration has been enhanced with the addition of new dimensions. You can now get the details of Local Service Ads and Local Service Leads data directly into your reports.

For more information refer to this article.

5. Custom Definitions for GA4

Now, it's possible to retrieve custom definitions for your GA4 account with ease. To access these definitions, simply go to your GA4 sub-account and click the "Fetch Custom Definitions" button.

6. Introducing Page Visibility

You can now easily toggle the visibility of pages in your reports, which will, in turn, remove them from downloaded reports, reports published to the portal, and live links.

For more information refer to this article.

7. Introducing Filtering by Client Name

We understand the frustration of sifting through numerous reports individually in the portal to locate a specific client's report. That's why we've introduced client name-based filters for Reports, Documents, and Dashboards. With this feature, simply enter the client's name in the search bar, and presto, the reports will be conveniently filtered by their name.

8. Multiple schedules from the same Base Report

Occasionally, there's a need to send reports at various intervals or within different time frames. To facilitate this, Reportgarden now offers support for multiple schedules. You can configure these schedules according to your specific requirements, allowing you to send out reports periodically and efficiently.

9. Add, Duplicate, and Reorder pages directly within the page itself

You now have the capability to directly Add, Duplicate, and Reorder pages within your reports. We've placed these buttons conveniently at the top of each page to minimize your efforts.

10. Advanced Google Ads and Google Search Console Filtering using Regex

For our advanced users, we've introduced a new filter category that enables you to apply filters using Regular Expressions in Google Ads as well as Google Search Console.

11. Added a new filter in LinkedIn to identify Promoted Posts

In LinkedIn-related reports, we've introduced a new filter labeled "Is Promoted Post" specifically designed to filter out widgets data related to promoted posts.

12. Added New Dimension: ‘Updated Campaigns’ in Constant Contact

We hope you enjoy these new updates. If you have any feedback or want to see an important metric or feature, let us know about it on our live chat or drop an email to us at [email protected]

Happy Reporting!

Team ReportGarden

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