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Release Notes - February, 2023
Release Notes - February, 2023
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Our team has been hard at work developing new features and improving existing ones to make sure your reporting experience rocks because that’s what you deserve.

So let's jump right in and see what's new!

  1. Introducing Fonts in documents

    Our reports just got a whole lot fancier with our new font-tastic upgrade. With support for up to 50 fonts, you can now add some serious style to your reports and make them truly stand out. So go ahead, let your inner font geek loose, and take your reporting game to a whole new level! Click here know more.

  2. Link Sharing

    Are you tired of asking your user to log into the portal every time they want to view the report? With ReportGarden you can now allow anyone to view the report with a single link. Click here to know more.

    Generate a shareable link for your report and distribute it to anyone you want to have access. Contact us on live chat or drop email to [email protected] to start using this exciting new feature.

  3. Google Analytics 4 integration is now out of beta

    It is now available for everyone! Google Analytics 4 provides more robust reporting capabilities for campaigns, ads, and much more! Our team has built a comprehensive guide that helps you with migration.

  4. Support new date ranges and comparison date range

    We have added support for three new date ranges in the new version of reports. These include

    1. Last 12 months including this month
    2. Last 13 months
    3. This month excluding today

    You can find these options in the dropdown as in the image attached below.

    To keep you with the reporting similar to that of the native platforms, we have also added support for the new comparison date range. It is labelled as "Previous perios in days". You can find this option as in the snapshot below.

  5. Upgrades to LinkedIn Ads and LinkedIn Insights

    To be up to date and to provide you with the best reporting experience, we have upgraded our LinkedIn ads and LinkedIn analytics to the latest version. This will ensure we stay on the latest for client reporting.

  6. Upgrade to Shopify Analytics

    We have adhered to Shopify guide lines and upgraded to the latest version. This includes improvements that will enhance the functionality and performance of this integration in ReportGarden.

  7. New metrics in Instagram Analytics and Facebook pages

    We've added 30+ new metrics to our Facebook and Instagram Reporting Suites. These metrics are available for everyone and these are majorly related to Post engagement performance.

    Here are the Facebook Insights metrics and this article contains the metrics added to Instagram Analytics

  8. Added line-spacing option to text widget

    You can now adjust the vertical space between lines of text in the report. This enables you to make text easier to read, or to conform to your company style guidelines.

    We hope you enjoy these new updates. If you have any feedback or want to see an important metric or feature, let us know about it on our live chat or drop an email to us at [email protected]

    Happy Reporting !

    Team ReportGarden

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