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Google My Business Upgrade
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As you are aware that Google My Business is now Google business Profile. To be up to date, we have changed the name through out the app. We have also upgraded to the latest API version.

Below is the list of affected Metrics.

New Metrics:

  1. "Google Maps - Desktop" - Impressions on Google Maps on Desktop devices

  2. "Google Search - Desktop" - Impressions on Google Search on Desktop devices

  3. "Google Maps - Mobile" - Impressions on Google Maps on Mobile devices

  4. "Google Search - Mobile" - Impressions on Google Search on Mobile devices

  5. "Messages" - The number of message conversations received on the business profile

  6. "Bookings" - The number of bookings received from the business profile

  7. "Food Orders" - The number of food orders received from the business profile

New Dimension:

  1. "Search Queries"

Deprecated Metrics:

  1. "Queries Direct"

  2. "Queries Indirect"

  3. "Queries Chained"

  4. "Photos Views Merchant"

  5. "Photos Views Customers"

  6. "Photos Count Merchant"

  7. "Photos Count Customers"

  8. "Local Post Views Search"

  9. "Local Post Actions Call To Action"

Deprecated Dimensions:

  1. "Local Posts"

If your team is reporting on Google My Business and has metrics that are deprecated, we recommend you to remove/update those metrics in reports and dashboards.

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