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Product Updates, June 2022
Product Updates, June 2022
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  1. Compliant with the new LinkedIn API changes

    On June 8, 2022, LinkedIn platform added new metrics to replace the existing Approximate Unique Impressions metric. These new metrics are contained within the average Daily Reach Metrics, average Previous Seven Day Reach Metrics, and average Previous Thirty Day ReachMetrics.

    For example, you can pull the “average last 7-day reach” for October 25, (which covers October 18 - October 25), for October 24 (which covers October 17 - October 24), and selecting October 24 - October 25 will average the two individual last 7-day counts.

    Approximate Unique Impressions will be removed by LinkedIn platform on July 31, 2022.

    You can find list of all the metrics supported in LinkedIn Ads here.

  2. Supporting SKAN metrics in TikTok Ads

    SKAN (StoreKit Ad Network, or SKAdNetwork) is a framework created by Apple for privacy-preserving mobile app install attribution. It aims to help measure conversion rates of app install campaigns without compromising users' identities.

    The metrics related to SKAN are now added for the TikTok Ads data source. You could find the full list of metrics here.

  3. Added Ad -Preview widget in new reporting version "Documents"

    A new widget type call "ad-preview" widget has been added in the new version. In the earlier version, the previews of posts or ads are shown in a tabular view, one below the other. This new widget type brings the flexibility to view them in a compact way and analyse better.

    You could view the data from the below mentioned datasources in a single page
    and see what performs best and what doesn't

    - Facebook Pages Posts with various formats
    - Facebook Ads with various formats

    - Instagram Posts & Stories

    You can find more information here.

    For any further questions, contact us at [email protected]

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