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Seeing the visual representation of which posts/ads performed best leaves a lasting impression on all clients. ReportGarden does provide previews of the posts/ads in the reports.

In the new version of reporting, Documents, we have added a new widget type. It is called Ad-preview widget.

In the earlier version, the previews of posts or ads are shown in a tabular view, one below the other. This make report lengthy and difficult to analyze. This new widget type brings the flexibility to view them in a compact way and analyze better.

You could find Ad -preview widget in the pre-made widgets.

This widget is supported for the following data sources and the dimensions.

Google Ads

  1. Text ads

  2. Display/Template Ads

  3. Image Ads

  4. Responsive Ads

  5. Responsive Display Ads

  6. Responsive Search Ads

  7. Video Ads with Thumbnails

Microsoft Ads

  1. Ads

Facebook Ads

  1. Ads

  2. Image Asset

  3. Adname with Image

Facebook Insights

  1. All Posts

  2. Page Posts

  3. Ads Posts

Instagram Analytics

  1. Stories

  2. All Posts

  3. Reels

  4. Feed

Twitter Analytics

  1. Tweets

LinkedIn Ads

  1. Sponsored Updates

  2. Sponsored Share

  3. Sponsored InMail

LinkedIn Analytics

  1. UGC Posts

Youtube Analytics

  1. Videos

  2. Videos Current Date

TikTok Ads

  1. Ads

TikTok Analytics

  1. Video

Pinterest Ads

  1. Ads

Amazon Ads

  1. Ads with Image

  2. ASIN with ImageAds

You could set the no. of preview to be visible in a row in the settings tab of the widget.

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