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Amazon Ads Data Pipeline FAQ
Amazon Ads Data Pipeline FAQ
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Amazon Ads API is not a live connector. We use Amazon Ads API to fetch data periodically and store it in our database, so that we can showcase the data in reports and dashboards.

The following article outlines how Amazon Ads works, with respect to

a) Data availability and freshness

b) Frequency with which the data is pulled

c) How far back the data is updated due to attribution windows

d) Expected time to sync the data when connected for the first time

Data availability and freshness

Reporting for a given date should be considered partially complete until 48 hours after that date. Generally, clicks are reported within 24 hours. This is according to Amazon Ads API documentation

For metrics like sales, orders, etc, it can take up to 12 hours for the metrics to be updated.

Amazon says that spend and purchases for the past 2 days are only estimates, because Amazon is validating and reconciling traffic to ensure that you are only charged for valid traffic for your clicks.

We noticed that click data can vary upto 3 days, by Amazon's traffic validation

Data is often available sooner in Amazon Advertising console. The Amazon Ads API is different from Amazon Advertising Console, and it takes longer to view data through the API.

For example, on May 1st, if you are looking at the sales data, it might be the case that Amazon Ads has reported 10 sales. When you come back into the system and look at the data, say, 3 days later, on May 3rd for the sales data on May 1st, it can report 13 sales. This means that, in the last 3 days, 3 more sales have been attributed to the activity that has occurred on May 1st.

Frequency with which the data is pulled

Data fetches are triggered once every day. The data fetch for a given profile may take anywhere between 4 hours to 6 hours for every given fetch.

In the event Amazon Ads reporting is unavailable, due to queue sizes, or rate limits or any other reason, we retry with exponential back-off. If it still fails, we fetch the data for the particular day manually, as we are notified of failures for our jobs.

For a given profile, for a given day, the complete data can be expected to sync 12-24 hours after the day has ended in the corresponding time-zone.

Please note that this data is still no reliable, but represents the data captured by Amazon Ads only.

Over time, our approach will ensure you get the most complete and accurate picture of Amazon Advertising data possible.

How far back the data is updated due to attribution windows

For every day, we fetch the data back upto 30 days. This is to ensure that any changes in data are correctly attributed and updated in our system.

Expected time to sync the data when connected for the first time

When an account is connected for the very first time, it takes anywhere between 24-36 hours for the data to be synced. This is because, Amazon Ads API gives us only data for 1 day for any given endpoint.

These jobs take time to complete and get updated in our database.

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