Q: Can I get Custom Audience data into ReportGarden?

A: Google Ads API has limitations on data retrieval with respect to custom audiences. The API does not support retrieval of custom intent audiences

Q: Can I get Auction Insights data into ReportGarden?

A: Google Ads API does not support reporting on auction insights yet. If you want to track competitor rankings, we recommend you use our SEO feature

Q: Can I get Conversion Data into ReportGarden?

A: Yes. Any conversion(s) that you have configured in Google Ads are imported into ReportGarden. You can see them in the metrics tab. For every conversion, there are the corresponding

  • converted clicks

  • conversion value

  • value / click

  • all conversions

  • all conversion value

  • cost per conversion

  • cost per all conversion

  • roas

  • conversion rate.

Q: I can't see my conversions in ReportGarden as metrics. What do I need to do?

A: Go to the sub account edit page. There, you will see an option at the top right to Fetch Custom Conversions. Click on that button, and wait for a few seconds to import the conversion metrics.

Go back to the reports page and refresh your report. You will see that the conversion metrics appear like any other metrics while creating/editing a new widget

Q: I have clicked on Fetch Custom Conversions but still can't see the metrics. What do I do?

A: Please check if the conversion created in Google Ads has atleast one conversion against it's name. Conversions that do not have any recorded conversions are not pulled into ReportGarden.

Q: What kinds of ad preview does ReportGarden support?

A: ReportGarden supports

  • Text Ads

  • Expanded Text Ads

  • Responsive Search Ads

  • Display/Template Ads

  • Image Ads

  • Responsive Display Ads

  • Video Ads

  • Gmail/Discovery Ads

  • Performance-Max Ads

  • Dynamic Ads

  • Hotel Ads

  • Local Ads

  • Shopping Ads

  • Video Ads (with thumbnails)

Q: Does ReportGarden support Sitelinks and other extensions?

A: Yes. ReportGarden supports

  • SiteLink Extensions

  • Callout Extensions

  • Location Extensions

  • App Extensions

  • Call Extensions

  • Message Extensions

  • Structured Snippets Extensions

Q: What is the difference between Conversions and AllConversions?

A: "All conversions" includes the data in your "Conversions" column plus conversion actions you’ve chosen not to include in your “Conversions” column. It also includes cross-device conversions, store visits, certain phone calls, and more.


Q: Can I preview ads for discovery and performance-max campaigns in ReportGarden?

A: Ad previews for discovery and performance campaigns are currently not supported via Google Ads API. We are working on it to see if there is a deterministic way to show this data in ReportGarden.

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