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Choozle Reporting

Choozle reports and dashboards

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What is Choozle?

Choozle provides is a digital advertising software platform that leverages detailed consumer data to powerful programmatic advertising campaigns across display, video, mobile and other mediums.

How do you link Choozle accounts on ReportGarden?

In order to link your Choozle accounts to ReportGarden, please follow the steps below

Navigate to ReportGarden -> Accounts.

Click on Link Account

Click on Choozle

Enter your email and access key. In order to get the access key, please reach out to your dedicated account manager at Choozle.

Choozle Metrics and Dimensions

Choozle orders a wide variety of analytics, which are listed as below


The following dimensions are available for Choozle




Date - group by daily, weekly, monthly and yearly

Campaign Name

Name of your ad campaign.


Name of the adgroup


The following measures are available for Choozle



Impressions Won

Total no of impressions that were won/purchased

Impressions Bid On

Total no of impressions that were bid on, but not necessary won/purchased


The amount spent to get an advertisement clicked


The target you wish ti pay in order to attain a conversion


No of times a call to action performs a desired action

Advertiser Cost

Spend for the given campaign/adgroup. It is media spend + data cost


Cost per click on ad


Cost per 1000 impressions. Under this pricing model, the publisher is paid every time a website visitor sees an ad. Example: a website that charges a CPM of $5 will earn $5 for every 1,000 ads that its visitors see.


No of clicks

Data Freshness and reporting durations

  • Choozle is a live data connector

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