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Tiktok Analytics reports and dashboards FAQ

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Is TikTok Analytics a live connector?

No, TikTok Analytics is a storage connector. The data is synced every 6 hours

Is TikTok Analytics from the official API?

No, TikTok Analytics is provided by a third party API.

How much data can be imported into ReportGarden?

The last 2000 tiktok posts can be imported into ReportGarden. Daily statistics for time dimension can only be fetched from the day the account is linked. Historical data cannot be fetched by the connector. In case you have captured historical data through any other platform, please email the data to [email protected] so that we can import it in our system.

Do I need to own the TikTok profile to track the data?

It is not required. As long as the TikTok profile is public, the data can be tracked in ReportGarden. You only need to know the handle name.

How accurate is the data for TikTok Analytics?

There is no official API for TikTok Analytics. We are using other service providers to fetch this data. Data accuracy is not garunteed.

I do not see any data for my TikTok profile in reports/dashboards. What do I do?

Perform the basic checks to see if you are able to see the data

  • Check the date range and ensure that the date selected is after the day the account was linked.

  • Check the profile name that you have entered. It must be a valid profile name (without the @) and is case sensitive

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