Boosted posts can help you increase the likelihood that your target audience can see your content on Facebook and Instagram.

Boosting your post increases the likelihood that:

  • People will see your content in their feeds.

  • People are more likely to respond to a discount or sales promotion.

  • Your customers’ friends might see their friends’ reactions and comments on your post.

How to get them in the reports?

To obtain metrics related to campaigns and spends, use Facebook Ads as the data source.

  1. Select the dimension as "Ads"

  2. Apply the filter "Campaign Name'' starts with "Post"

* Use starts with "Instagram Post" if it is Instagram Boosted Post.

To obtain organic metrics, use Facebook Insights as the data source.

  1. Select the dimension as "All Posts".

  2. Apply the filter "Paid Post Impressions" > "0"

This would give you the boosted posts reporting in ReportGarden.

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