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Reporting on a specific campaign in PPC accounts
Reporting on a specific campaign in PPC accounts
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Often times, you have to report for just a campaign or a set of campaigns. It might be a seasonal report that you generate for your client, or it might be just the way your accounts are setup, because of the nature of the business.

ReportGarden supports exhaustive filtering of your data, based on campaigns, ad-groups, ads, labels, placement types, etc.

  • Hover on any widget that you see in the report and click on the edit button to open the widget editor. It is the middle button as shown in the below screenshot

  • Click on the Advanced tab on the top of the editor to see more options. You can sort, filter, group, segment data here

Filtering by Campaigns

In order to filter by campaigns, go to the advanced tab, and click on Add Filter. You can either filter by

Campaign - This provides a dropdown with the list of campaigns available for the selected date range. The operators available are IN and NOT IN.

Please note that only active campaigns for the selected date range are shown

Campaign Name - This provides a textbox to enter the name of the campaign and the matching criteria you want to select , for eg, Starts With, Ends With, Contains, Does not Contain, etc

Campaign Status - This provides an option to choose the campaigns based on their status, for eg, Enabled, Paused and Removed

Campaign Objective - This option is available for Facebook Ads, and allows you to choose a set of campaigns based on the objective, like, App Installs, Lead Generation, etc

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