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Unable to preview a Facebook Ad in ReportGarden
Unable to preview a Facebook Ad in ReportGarden

Error message “Preview Not Available: Unable to display the preview of this ad" while trying to preview a Facebook Ad in ReportGarden

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Go to your Facebook Ads Business Manager account and search for the ad with the help of ad name or ID.

If you are able to see the preview of the ad in your business manager and couldn't see in ReportGarden then contact our support at [email protected]

Else, it could be a problem in your ad configuration. Please make sure the ad is properly configured and you are able to see the preview in Business Manager.

However, this article may help you to find a way around.

Refer to the image below:

How to see the ad in my Facebook business manager account?

  1. In ReportGarden app, copy the "Ad Name" of the ad where the error has occurred.

  2. Go to your Facebook business manager account.

  3. Open the account.

  4. Use filters and search for the ad using the Ad Name.

  5. Navigate to "Ads" tab.

  6. Click on "Ëdit."

  7. If you see the same error message in the editor (below Ad Preview) it could be an error from your business manager account. 

NOTE: Choose the same ad format as in ReportGarden.
Even though there are a lot of ad formats in Facebook, ReportGarden supports only 5 of them.

      In ReportGarden app                         In Facebook Business Manager

  1. Right Column standard                           Desktop Right Column

  2. Desktop feed standard                           Desktop news feed

  3. Mobile interstitial                                     Mobile interstitial

  4. Mobile native                                           Mobile news feed

  5. Instagram standard                                 Instagram Feed

If you want an enhancement, please reach our support team at [email protected].

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