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Release Notes - June 2023
Release Notes - June 2023
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In the fast-paced realm of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. That's why, at ReportGarden, we've been on a mission to revolutionise our suite of products. This time we have come up with a range of new features to enhance your experience on our platform.

  1. Allow us to introduce the crown jewel of our latest product update: Global Filters

    Imagine having the power to effortlessly slice and dice your data with just a few clicks. With our groundbreaking Global Filters feature, you can now bid farewell to the tedious task of applying filters individually across multiple widgets and dashboards. It's time to take control of your data like never before.

    Users can define multiple global filters based on their specific requirements and you have a flexibility to include/exclude it in a specific widget. This customisation empowers you to tailor reporting to your specific requirements. For more information refer to this article.

  2. Semrush

    Semrush Integration is currently in Beta. We will be adding more metrics and dimensions and will be updating the article constantly.

    You can link your Semrush account effortlessly with ReportGarden and track your SEO performance.

    For more information refer to this article.

  3. Duplicate reports with ease right from the index page

    Say goodbye to the hassle of manually duplicating reports. With this convenient feature located on the index page, you can effortlessly duplicate your reports and save valuable time.

  4. Upgraded the API to the latest version for LinkedIn Ads, Klaviyo, and TikTok, ensuring top-notch performance

    We have upgraded our API to the latest versions for three popular platforms: LinkedIn Ads, Klaviyo, and TikTok. With this upgrade, we're ensuring that our users can harness the full potential of these platforms and leverage their cutting-edge features and functionalities.

  5. Added 2 new dimensions in Google Ads

    We have added 2 new dimensions to the Google Ads integration on our platform:

    1. Household Income

    2. Parental Status

  6. Added support for Local Service ads (under Google Ads integration)

    We have expanded our Google Ads integration to include support for Local Service ads! This exciting enhancement empowers businesses in the service industry to leverage the immense potential of Local Service ads and reach their target audience more effectively than ever before.

  7. Added 'City' as a dimension in GA4 and it is now available in map widget

    You can now filter your geographic data by setting a dimension as minute as "City" in your maps for a more granular understanding.

    We hope you enjoy these new updates. If you have any feedback or want to see an important metric or feature, let us know about it on our live chat or drop an email to us at [email protected]

    Happy Reporting !

    Team ReportGarden

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