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Twitter API - introducing its latest changes in ReportGarden
Twitter API - introducing its latest changes in ReportGarden
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Effective immediately, there will be modifications to the way ReportGarden interacts with the Twitter API. ReportGarden will no longer be able to provide you with data from the free/standard API provided by the official Twitter App. However, we can continue fetching the data on your behalf, provided you subscribe to Twitter’s Paid API and connect them to ReportGarden.

In order to continue using this Twitter Analytics Integration in ReportGarden, you will need to create your own app on Twitter. This will cost $100 per month for obtaining the access. Once you have obtained your API credentials from Twitter, you will need to enter them in ReportGarden so that we can fetch the necessary data for you.

The steps to be followed are mentioned here.

Step 1: Go to and login with your twitter credentials

Step 2: Go to This is your twitter developer portal where you can create clients that can request access to your twitter account.

2.1 If you are logging into this portal for the first time, you will see a screen similar to this. “Sign up for free account”.

Step 3: A default project would have already been created in your developer portal

3.1 Click on “Edit” user authentication settings in the page

3.2 Provide more technical details about how ReportGarden is going to interact with Twitter API as follows:

  • App permissions: “Read” - Read Tweets and profile information

  • Type of App: “Web Client

  • App info:

    • Callback URI / Redirect URL: https://[sub_domain]/twitter_callback

    • Website URL: Your URL

* sub_domain can be any subdomain that the you have control over.

3.3 Click on "Save” button.

Step 4: Go to “Keys and Tokens” tab in your project

4.1 Go to "OAuth 2.0 Client ID and Client Secret” section at the bottom of the page

4.2 Copy the Client Id and Client Secret and store them safely in your password manager. These credentials will be used to link your twitter account with ReportGarden

Step 5: Go to “” to upgrade your API access to Basic Plan that costs $100/month.

5.1 You will be redirected to another page, where you need to provide details about the API usage, accept the terms and conditions.

Steps to be followed in ReportGarden?

Step 1: Go to “Twitter Client Settings” tab on “

1.1. Enter your Client Id/Key & Client Secret from step 4.2 in the page
1.2 Add a CNAME for the “Redirect Domain” with the target “Redirect Domain CName Target”

1.3 Click on Submit button

2.1 Click on “Link Account” button on the page

2.2 A Pop-Up will appear. Click on “Twitter Analytics” integration icon.

2.3 Sign in with your Twitter Account on ReportGarden

2.4 After successful account linking, You should be able to create Reports/Dashboards in ReportGarden after 15 mins.

For any further information or assistance, reach out to us on chat or drop an email at [email protected]

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