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Updating Currency Code
Updating Currency Code

This article talks about how you can update the currency code for a particular report to use it in the respective widgets

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There are instances where, while creating a report you have to switch to the currency code that is required by your client. The currency codes are usually visible in the various widgets which are concerned with showing the revenue, sales, price, cost, etc. In this article you will see how easily you can update/change the currency code for your reports.

Step 1:

Navigate to "Accounts" on the sidebar.


You can also access by clicking on the button below to enter the accounts page.

Step 2:

Now you can navigate to the "Filter By" option on the top-right-hand side of the page and filter out the specific type of account that you are looking for:

Step 3:

After filtering, click on the specific account that you are looking for, then click the specific sub-account:

Step 4:

Once you click on the sub-account, this page opens, you can find the Currency Code option:

Step 5:

Now you can go ahead and update your preferred currency code and click on Submit:

Once you Submit after updating the currency, you can now see the changes in your report in the specific widgets that have currency symbol in them.

Note : The above mentioned steps only allow you to change the Currency representation for your data, it does not factor in the Exchange Rate changes. You can add a Margin to factor in the exchange rate calculations.

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