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Release Notes - December 2022
Release Notes - December 2022
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Our team has worked hard for the last releases of 2022. Here are some of the latest updates we've made to our platform. We have launched Pinterest Analytics Integration in Beta and released improvements for Google My Business, SEO, Apple Search Ads. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Our Pinterest Analytics Integration is live in beta

We are delighted to share that this month we have added Pinterest Analytics integration to our social media integrations repository. Bring your Pinterest marketing strategy to the next level with beautiful visuals that reinforce your value. You can get more information about Pinterest analytics metrics and dimensions here.

2. Major upgrade for Google My Business (Google Business Profile)

As you are aware that Google My Business is now Google Business Profile. To be up to date, we have changed the name through out the app. We have also upgraded to the latest API version. 1 new dimension and 7 new metrics are added. 9 of the existing metrics are deprecated. We would be supporting them as long API provides us with the data.

If your team is reporting on Google My Business and has metrics that are deprecated, we recommend you to remove/update those metrics in reports and dashboards. You can access more information here.

3. SEO and Apple Search Ads as datasources are now supported in Documents

You can now create an SEO report in our new version of reporting, Documents. Create a website to track the organic positions of keyword rankings.

Apple Search Ads as datasource is now supported to create a documents.

4. Twitter Ads upgrade

To be up to date and to provide you with the best reporting experience, we have upgraded Twitter ads API to version 12. This upgrade is to improve data parity with Twitter Ads Manager.

5. Google ads upgrade and new metric for Conversion rate

We have upgraded to the v12 version of the Google Ads API. This will ensure we stay on the latest for client reporting. We have corrected the formula for Conversion Rate - "Conv. rate" which now gives correct values for different types of campaigns in Google Ads.

6. Find your way quickly with accounts that need attention

All your accounts that need attention are grouped at one place in the accounts section. It is labelled as "Relink Needed". You can now easily identify and fix them.

7. New metrics added in Facebook Ads

We are constantly adding new metrics to Facebook Ads. The metrics newly added are

  • Instant Experience Clicks To Open

  • Instant Experience Clicks To Start

  • Instant Experience Outbound Clicks

8. New metrics and dimensions to other data sources

In GA4 - New dimension "Source / Medium" is added

in Facebook Insights.- New metric "Post Count" is added

9. Improvements in Documents

  • Improved legend and its width options for Bar Chart, Line Chart, Pie Chart, Area Chart and Combination chart

  • Improved experience for page transitioning with in the document

  • Enhanced the image widget with the ability to hyperlink an image

  • Introduced more font sizes options to the Text Widget

We hope you enjoy these new updates. If you have any feedback or want to see an important metric or feature, reach out to us at [email protected]

Happy Reporting !

Team ReportGarden

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