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Tracking Scheduled Documents

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This article covers details on Scheduling status, history of automated documents and how to preview scheduled documents

Document Scheduling Status

Once you have scheduled your documents, you can view the status for these documents in the Schedules tab under Documents. You can get a list of all the scheduled documents in this section along with the details on client, schedule frequency and next scheduled document. You can also filter out documents in a particular status or state.

Types of Status :

  1. Scheduled - The document is automated and will be sent to your clients on the scheduled date

  2. Sent - The scheduled document has been sent to your client

  3. Failed - The document could not be sent. The tool shows a message icon next to the document status for failed documents.

On clicking the message icon, it highlights the reason for document failure. After resolving the error, click on the arrow icon, to resend your scheduled report.

Types of State :

  1. Active - Shows a list of all scheduled documents which are active and will be automatically sent to clients

  2. Paused - Shows a list of scheduled documents which are currently paused

Automated Document History

The schedule section also has on option to view history of automated documents sent till date. You can click on the Show history link to view these details.

The Schedules history window will open up with the details of past documents and details like name of the document, status, report period, and client email along with an option to Download the document.

Preview Scheduled Documents

You can also preview how your scheduled documents look like to your clients by clicking the arrow icon and entering your email address.

After clicking the arrow icon, the Scheduled Reports Preview window will open. You can enter your email address in the To field and send the email. You can then review the email and the Document before it is automatically sent out to your client on the scheduled date.

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