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Product Updates (March 2022)
Product Updates (March 2022)
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ReportGarden is back with exciting news!

The past month is all about adding new integrations(data sources) and minor enhancements.

We have added the following data sources to ReportGarden.

We are committed to making reporting easy for you. If ReportGarden doesn't have all the integrations/data sources your business works with, fill out this form. We will contact you shortly for additional details.

Here is the list of enhancements

  • With the new Google Ads API, Google has changed the way site links, callouts, and other extension reporting work. We have added the following new dimensions to the system so that you can get extension data that is in line with what you see in the Google Ads dashboard.

  • Reportgarden now supports reporting on Google Ads change log in overview and table widgets.

Happy Reporting !!!

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