Google Analytics 4 FAQ

Google Analytics 4 FAQ

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Is Google Analytics 4 live?

Yes, Google Analytics 4 is a live connector

I don't see Google Analytics metrics in Google Analytics 4

GA4 is a completely new schema that is event driven, and has no relation to GA.

A lot of metrics in GA4 are new and some of them are not backward compatible to GA schema.

Please read more about the differences/similarities in the article shared by google here

How can I show the events that are tracked in Google Analytics 4?

All events that are available in GA4 can be imported to ReportGarden.

  • Choose the dimension as events.

  • Select the appropriate metrics

  • If you want to filter out events that are not required, go to advanced tab and add the event name filter

How can I import custom events in Google Analytics 4?

Custom events are currently supported. You can use the with the dimension as Events.

How can I import custom dimensions in Google Analytics 4?

Custom dimensions are currently not supported for Google Analytics 4. It is in the roadmap and will be supported soon.

How can I import custom definitions from Google Analytics 4?

Simply navigate to the Account section and select the sub account for which you wish to generate reports using Custom Definitions. In the top right corner, you will find an option labeled "Fetch Custom Definitions." By clicking on this option, you can retrieve the Custom Definitions specific to your sub account. Once fetched, you can incorporate these Custom Definitions into your report.

How can I change the Currency for my GA4 metrics?

Navigate to the accounts section and open the account you are using in your report and update the currency code value for it.

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