Twitter Analytics FAQ

Twitter Analytics FAQ

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Is Twitter Analytics Pages live?

No, Twitter Analytics data is fetched every 24 hours and updated in our system

The data that I see in Twitter is not matching with what I see in ReportGarden

Follow the steps below to ensure that the right settings are selected

  • Ensure that the right date range is selected

  • Ensure that the right metrics are selected

  • Check for any filters

Likes, Followers and Favourites are not matching in ReportGarden

There is a delay of a maximum of 24 hours for the data to be fetched. Minor discrepancies with respect to metrics are to be expected if the reporting period is done for the last 24-48 hours.

Follower count, Follows count, etc is showing as 0 in ReportGarden

Data can only be obtained from the day you have connected the account with ReportGarden. ReportGarden does not have access to fetch the historical data for these APIs, and we are constrained by these limitations.

While your account is with ReportGarden, your token might become invalid, which might be due to several reasons like change of password, removal of ReportGarden from the list of authorized apps in your Twitter profile, or for security reasons where Twitter might reset your credentials. In that scenario, we would recommend you to immediately relink the account with ReportGarden to avoid loss of data. An email notification is sent out when your account token is invalid.

Keeping the above two constraints in mind please ensure that

a) The date range is selected to show the duration after the account has been linked for time and overview dimension

b) Check if your account needs relink or not. You'll find the account status in the accounts section

If the account needs relink, please relink the account and ensure that the Relink Needed tag is no longer present. This will ensure that the latest data is fetched, and the data that is missing is backfilled as best as possible

The metrics of tweets in Twitter is not matching with the metrics of the tweets in ReportGarden

We have a look-back window to gather the activities for a given tweet. In rare scenarios, we might encounter cases where there is activity on the tweet well past its lifetime. If case of any discrepancy with respect to the tweet engagement metrics, do shoot us an email and we’ll sync the data right away.

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