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LinkedIn Company Pages FAQ

LinkedIn Company Pages FAQ

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Is LinkedIn Company Pages live?

No, LinkedIn Company Pages data is fetched every 24 hours and updated in our system

The data that I see in LinkedIn Company Pages is not matching with what I see in ReportGarden

Follow the steps below to ensure that the right settings are selected

  • Ensure that the right date range is selected

  • Ensure that the right metrics are selected

  • Check for any filters

Likes, Comments and Shares are not matching in ReportGarden

The following metrics all look very similar, but are different in the following aspects

  • Likes - No of likes obtained in the selected time period

  • Total Likes - Total no of likes on the company page as on the end date of the selected time period

  • Likes Lifetime - Total likes on the company page since inception

Please make sure that you are referring to the right metric.

The data for LinkedIn Company Pages for metrics like likes, shares, followers and comments are slightly different in ReportGarden

According to the LinkedIn API, there may be a delay of upto 48 hours for the deleted likes, comments, etc to be updated. Please ensure that the end date of the time period is atleast 48 hours prior to the current reporting date

ReportGarden is missing some LinkedIn posts

LinkedIn splits the page posts into 2 types - UGC Posts and Updates. Please use both the dimensions to include all posts.

What level of access do I need to have to connect a LinkedIn Page in ReportGarden?

You need to have the Super Admin access in order to link your account to ReportGarden

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