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Shopify Analytics reports and dashboards FAQ

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Is Shopify Analytics a live connector?

No, Shopify analytics is a storage connector. The data is synced every 1 hour with the shopify store

How much data can be imported into ReportGarden?

Order data can only be fetched for the last 60 days from the day the account is linked. In case you need to import older data, please contact [email protected] and we will get in touch with you to import older order data.

Why do I see a data mismatch for Shopify Total Sales and Net Sales reports in ReportGarden?

The discrepancies in Total Sales and Net Sales metric is due to the way Shopify processes refunds on their native platform vs how this data is available via the API.

For example, if an order was placed on 15th Jan, and was refunded in 15th Mar,

  • In Shopify, the refunded amount is taken into the Total Sales amount for the month of March, which is the day of the refund

  • In ReportGarden, the refunded amount is taken into the Total Sales amount for the month of January, which is the day of the refund.

The refunded sales amount is attributed to the order placed date in ReportGarden where as it is attributed to the refunded date in Shopify.

This is due to the way the API is structured, since transactions are tightly coupled with orders on Shopify's end

I am unable to link the Shopify Analytics, as I do not have the requisite permissions. What do I do?

In order to link your Shopify Store account with ReportGarden, you need to be a store administrator, which gives you the permissions to add new apps. In addition to the ability to connect new apps to your store, you will be needing the following permisisons

  • read_products

  • read_orders

  • read_all_orders

Can ReportGarden update/edit/delete/modify any data in the Shopify Store?

No, ReportGarden requests only read-access to your stores, and cannot modify/edit/update/delete any records in your Shopify Store. We explicitly request read-only access so that we are in no way able to edit or delete anything in the Shopify Store.

Can I revoke access to the application and delete all data of my Shopify Store in ReportGarden?

Yes. ReportGarden is fully GDPR complaint. You can delete all data pertaining to your store with ReportGarden and also uninstall the ReportGarden app from your shopify store at anytime.

I cannot get the read_customers scope as my Shopify store owner is concerned about GDPR. Is there a way to get reporting without customer data?

Yes, It is possible to connect to the shopify store witout read_customers scope. Please reach out to [email protected] for the same.

Note: You cannot use customer dimension if customer data is not imported.

How long does it take to import the data into ReportGarden after I link my account?

It takes around 15 minutes to 1 hour to sync the data completely into ReportGarden. It is based on the number of products, orders and customers that are present in the shopify store. In case you are facing troubles with 0 data coming in your reports and dashboards, please reach out to [email protected] and we will be able to help you out in case you have trouble importing the data

I need order data for my reporting beyond a period of 60 days from the day I have linked my account. How can I get that?

Please reach out to [email protected]. We will help you with the importing of the data

How often is the data synced with the Shopify Store?

Data is refreshed every 1 hour from the shopify store.

The data that I see in ReportGarden is different from the data in my Shopify dashboard

The data is calculated based on the timezone for the selected dates. By default, we assign the timezone from the shop details set in Shopify account.

If you are located in a different region than the timezone set in the shopify account, then you can always go to the sub account and edit the shopify account's timezone to reflect the data according to your timezone.

I can't get UTM parameters in my reports. What am I missing?

UTM parameters are parsed from the landing site field in the shopify store. You need to ensure that the utm parameters are set correctly on the landing url. If not, please refer to the documentation in google/facebook to ensure that the landing page url is correctly configured.

How can I view and filter the data based on where an order is placed from?

You can filter the data based on the APP ID filter.

The codes for App Id to be used to filter the orders that have been assigned through

Online store is 580111

Can I import new user / returning user and visitor data using Shopify Analytics connector?

All visitor data is available through the google analytics view that is configured on the shopify store. Shopify Store connector only deals with orders and products.

How can i calculate the ROAS of my Shopify Store based on my ppc campaign spend?

For this, you need to create a calculated metric. Create a calculated metric as follows

Ensure that the type is set to currency.

You can now use it as a calculated metric in KPI widgets

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