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Enabling/Disabling cost margin to revenue metrics
Enabling/Disabling cost margin to revenue metrics
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Agencies provide advertising services for clients. The agencies often get paid by marking up the cost of that advertising. For example, the client and agency may agree to run a Facebook advertising campaign and the client will pay the agency the Facebook ad costs for the campaign plus 15%. That additional 15% is referred to as the "markup"/"margin".

ReportGarden provides you with three different margin options to adjust costs.

  1. Relative

  2. Fixed

  3. Absolute

Find more information here.

If you want to disable the markup or margin to revenue metrics and show it only on cost metrics, ReportGarden has a solution for you.

An example of a cost metric is Cost, Cost per Click. And the example for the revenue metric is ROI, ROAS, ROAS (%).

Navigate to the account to which you would apply the margin. You would see the toggle option to "Enable Cost Margin for Revenue Measures". This would be turned on by default. The margin that is applied, is for both cost and revenue measures.

If you specifically want to turn off the margin for the Revenue measures, you could turn it off.

Note: Any changes done here would effect the existing reports and dashboards.

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