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Google AdWords Conversion Reporting in ReportGarden
Google AdWords Conversion Reporting in ReportGarden
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Adwords/Google Ads offer various categories of conversions. Few of them are purchase/sale, signup, lead. If you’ve set up conversion tracking, you would need helpful reporting columns to see how your ads lead to valuable customer actions.

Conversion Reporting in ReportGarden

Reportgarden supports conversion reporting. The below mentioned are the metrics specific to Conversions.

  1. Conversions

  2. Conversion value

  3. Cost per conversion

  4. ROAS

To see the breakdown of where certain conversion types are coming from (i.e., campaign and ad groups) as well as to look at conversion data side by side with metrics like impression share, click-through rate, etc.

Select the dimension as campaigns or ad groups and you will be able to get all the conversion-related metrics in the dropdown with the heading as conversion metrics.

This way of visualization helps in having granularity when there are multiple types of conversions.

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