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Importing data from Google Sheets
Importing data from Google Sheets
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ReportGarden allows you to connect your google account and import custom data from google sheets

These google sheets need to be configured in order to provide the metadata to ReportGarden connectors, so that we can extract, transform and display the data as needed

Step 1 - Connect your Google Drive account

  • Navigate to Accounts and click on Link Account to see the popup where you can choose the connector

  • Click on Google Drive

  • Provide the credentials to link your account

Step 2 - Import the sheets

  • Navigate to the google drive account you have just linked and click on import sheets on the top right corner. (If you are unable to find your google drive account, you can use the filter on the accounts page)

  • The selected sheet will then appear on the list as shown below

Step 3 - Configure the data types for columns in a sheet

  • Click on the imported sheet for which you want to configure the metadata. You will be navigated to a screen where you have a general tab for the settings and multiple tabs, one for each sheet in the spreadsheet

  • Navigate the sheet that you want to configure the metadata for. ReportGarden samples the data and tries to allocate the best possible datatype, but human intervention is needed to interpret the data. For eg, zip codes are numbers, and our system would interpret them as a measure, but you would want to treat it as a dimension

  • In case you have added a new sheet and/or unable to see the sheet, click on refresh sheets

  • Anything that is of the format of Date and Text are the possible values for dimension fields that are supported in Google Drive. All the other types of formats are metrics. In the case of a date field, please format the date so that we avoid ambiguity (for eg, 1/2/2020 can be interpreted as 1st February 2020 or 2nd January 2020 by the connectors).

  • If the last row in your sheet represents the total of the data across various columns, and should not be included while fetching a subset of the data, please enable the toggle button appropriately

That’s it. You are all set for creating reports or dashboards with the google Drive data.

A few caveats

  • If the file name is modified in the google drive, then it wouldn’t reflect in the ReportGarden app.

  • If at any point of time, you change the sequence of the columns or add/remove new columns, the metadata of the sheet needs to be reconfigured

  • The sheets in the trash folder would also be visible in the ReportGarden app, when the user links his Google Drive account.

  • Number format of the data is the overall format selected for the team in the settings page

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