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Release Notes
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1. Changes in the sign-up page of the app

Validating the email ID of the user

We are validating the email ID of a user even before signing up. If the user enters an invalid ID or an email ID which has already been taken then he/she'll see an error message.

Autofill 'Name' and 'Company' fields

The fields 'Name' and 'Company' are automatically filled with the entered email address. This is to simplify and faster the sign-up process. This will work only for the first time i.e. any changes made after validating the email ID don't reflect in the 'Name' and 'Company' fields. Make sure to change the name or company before signing up. However, you can update these fields anytime in the 'Edit profile page.'

2. Changes in the 'Budgets' Module

UI changes in 'New Budget' page

We have changed the UI of the New Budget page. While creating a new budget, you can select, deselect and clear all the campaigns in an account at a time.

Introducing 'Campaign Spend' in 'Budgets Overview' page

We have introduced 'Campaign Spends' section, replacing 'Top Spends' in the 'Budget overview' page. You can filter the campaigns based on the type of integration, status of a budget, also, sort the campaign based on spend and campaign name.

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