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Use cases for calculated metrics
Use cases for calculated metrics
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Below are the common use cases for calculated metrics:

1. Create your own key results

Add insights and forecasts into your reports through the data that you have
eg. (Total Revenue / Total Cost) x 100

2. Currency conversion

Conversion of currency with custom metrics is a piece of cake. For example, converting Revenue from GBP to EUR would be Revenue x 1.27

3. Weighted metrics

Add weights to your metrics based on importance
eg. (Goal 5 Completions x 10) + (Goal 6 Completions x 20)

4. Calculate the CPC of each Goal in Google Analytics. Learn more

5. Combine Phone Calls across AdWords and CallRail (cross platform feature is in progress) 

6. Calculate CTR% across your Paid Campaign Channels

7. Create calculated metrics with Facebook custom conversions. Learn more

Have questions about getting started with Calculated Metrics? Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

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