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How to see the performance of keywords in Reports?
How to see the performance of keywords in Reports?
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Click ‘Reporting’ in left sidebar navigation > Click ‘Reports’ 

Getting the performance of your keywords across search engines had done. So, now send this data to your client, making it visually appealing and intuitive using Reporting feature.

Reports - Visualize the performance of your keywords in line, bar, pie charts across the metrics like avg. position, current position, baseline position etc. and compare it with the past data. Export these Reports to either PDF or Excel, white label and send it to your clients.

Schedule Reports - Send daily, weekly, monthly reports on SEO just by scheduling them for a specific time and ReportGarden does your job. You could also set your delay time in hours.

Client Portal - Create private workspaces to securely share information with your clients to increase communication and efficiencies. A customer portal in ReportGarden is a secured, private gateway where you can share all the SEO dashboards and required SEO reports with your clients. Customize your workspaces with your logo and brand colors to give your business more polish and a professional look.

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