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Highlights of Website Analysis
Highlights of Website Analysis
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  • Retain all your historical data and compare crawl vs crawl and track changes to your site or a competitors site.

  • Optimise all the internal and external links

  • Remove the broken images and give alt attributes

  • Remove duplicate titles and meta descriptions

  • Export as PDF, Excel reports and send the monthly performance Reports to your clients

  • Analyze 100's of websites and thousands of web pages in minutes

  • Web-based crawlers, so your computer won't get bogged down when you have to run a bunch of crawls or need to crawl a large website.

  • Quickly get the report on Title tags, Title tag length, Robots.txt obey or not, Meta robots, X-Robots, 5XX HTTP status codes and URLs, 3XX HTTP status codes and URLs, 2XX HTTP status codes and URLs, Page download time, Page size, H1 tagsH2 tags, canonical tags and many more.

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