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Understanding your Budget Overview page
Understanding your Budget Overview page
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Here a user could see the overview of a client budget. Following are the fields in this page.

Budget Details

You'll see the budget spent on a campaign(s) comprehensively.

Status - Know the status of a budget whether active, paused, any error message while fetching

Calculations below are explained using dummy data for better understanding:

Total budget = 1000 USD

Total Spend = 758.20 USD

Remaining Budget = Total Budget - Total Spend = 241.7995 USD

Budget Per Day = Total Budget/No.of days remaining = 1000/29 = 34.48 USD

Remaining Budget (%) = (Remaining budget/Total budget) x 100 = 8.64 USD

Budget Usage

Here you'll see all the details related to your client's budget.

In ‘budget usage’ ring, blue color region indicates the spent budget and black color indicates the remaining budget.

Trend Lines

Trend Line is a Time vs Cost graph which shows the Ideal, Actual, Projected costs. This helps in pacing. Here, the total budget is divided by the no.of days and each day spend is calculated and reflected on the Trendline.

Ideal costs

Ideal costs show the ideal curve according to the amount added.

Actual costs

Actual costs curve shows the budget spend on various advertising campaigns.

Projected costs

Projected costs are based on prior budget numbers and an anticipated increase in spending.

Campaign Spends

This shows the list of campaigns in the decreasing order of the budget spent. You can filter the campaigns based on the type of integration, status of a budget, also, sort the campaign based on ad spend and campaign name.

You can use “Date” drop-down present at the right top of ‘Budget overview page' to see the data of past budget cycles.

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