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I. New Features

1. Monitor your Twitter Ads Advertising Spend with ReportGarden

We have introduced Twitter Ads integration in Budgeting. Using which you can monitor your advertising spend on various campaigns of Twitter Ads in ReportGarden.

Where shall I see it?

  • Click ‘Budgeting’ in the left side navigation.

  • Click ‘New Budget’ present at the right corner of the page.

  • In clients column, choose a client having the Twitter Ads account.

  • In Accounts column, you’ll see respective Twitter Ads accounts associated with the chosen client.

  • Choose Campaign(s). Here, you’ll see both enabled, paused campaigns.

  • Click Submit.

The Budgets created with the Twitter account will be seen in the Budgets tab of “Client’s Show Page.”

2. New Metrics in Facebook Insights integration

We have upgraded our Facebook Insights integration API as the Facebook upgraded its API from V2.11 to V2.12.

Due to the upgradation, there is a change in Reporting “Impressions.” It is redefining the use of “Organic” from “Not paid,” “Not viral” to “Not paid” and introducing a new set of metrics called “Nonviral” which will match the old definition of organic from earlier versions. The new relationship:

Organic Impressions = Viral Impressions + Nonviral Impressions.

Organic page impressions, Unique Organic page impressions, Page post impressions, Unique page post impressions, Post Impressions, Unique Post Impressions will have completely new values as shown below:

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