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Why should I use Backlink Analysis tool?
Why should I use Backlink Analysis tool?
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If you find that you have several backlinks that are putting you at risk of a penalty, you can use the Backlink Audit Tool to disavow these links and keep your backlink profile clean.

Disavowing links will tell Google not to take these links into consideration when ranking your domain.

Managing your backlink profile: Backlink analysis will assist you in managing your backlinks and to ensure you that none of the backlinks are causing a penalty from Google.

Analyzing your competitors' backlink profile: Backlink Analysis will assist you in analyzing the backlink profile of your competitor and to get aware of the anchor texts which are leveraging their visibility in SERPs

Auditing a client’s backlink profile: If you’re an SEO agency with a new client, you’ll want to get background on their past backlinks. This is a great tool to use to see if they acquired any suspicious links in the past and if you should disavow any of their links to help them dodge a penalty from Google.

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