Tired of sending reports manually to your clients? With ReportGarden you can send documents automatically on a predefined frequency based on your requirements. Just follow the steps below :

Step 1 : Navigate to the Documents section on ReportGarden and open the Document you would like to send automatically

Step 2 : Click on the Schedule Document icon as show below. A dialog box will open with the scheduling details

Step 3 : Choose the frequency, delivery day, time and time zone for sending the document.

Note : Please schedule documents at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time. Documents scheduled within 10 minutes of the scheduled time are not picked up by the scheduler

Step 4 : Update the client's email ID, subject and email body as per your requirements. By default, the scheduler picks up the client's name with the document date range as the email subject

Step 5 : Toggle the Show in Portal option if you would like these documents to be published on the client portal as well

Step 6 : Click on Automate, the scheduler will close and display a success message.

Once you have scheduled your documents, you can also view the status for these documents in the Schedules tab under Documents

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