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Criteo Marketing Solutions FAQ
Criteo Marketing Solutions FAQ

Criteo Marketing Solutions FAQ

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Is Criteo data live?

Yes, Criteo is a live connector

Data takes too long to load in ReportGarden

The data might take 5 to 30 seconds to load, based on the account that is selected and the time range for which the data is fetched. If the request times out, try again or try reducing the number of metrics or the date range.

My data is not matching with ReportGarden.

Ensure that

  • the right date range is selected

  • the right attribution window is selected. Choosing the wrong attribution window can lead to data mismatch

  • For sales related metrics, please check if you are looking at cross channel sales or not. You will find a toggle button to enable/disable cross channel sales in the basic tab

How do I import new accounts into ReportGarden once the account linking process is complete?

Please email [email protected] and your request will be processed

Can I connect Criteo Retail Media accounts as well?

Criteo Retail Media is different from Criteo Marketing Solutions and is currently not supported with ReportGarden. If you wish to use Criteo Retail Media accounts, please contact [email protected]

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