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Troubleshooting - Re-linking Facebook account
Troubleshooting - Re-linking Facebook account
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If you are facing issues while Linking or Relinking your Facebook Account, please follow the steps below :

1) Go to your Facebook account and select the settings option and navigate to Security and Login

2) Select the Business Integrations option in the left panel

3) Look for ReportGarden in the active business integrations and click on remove.

4) Navigate to the accounts section on ReportGarden and click on Link Account and select Facebook Ads / Insights

5) It will ask you to log in through your Facebook profile. Please login through the profile which has access to the Facebook page you are trying to link

6) Relink the Facebook ads and Instagram accounts that were already linked to ReportGarden.

You would need to relink your Facebook Insights account if there is a change in the permissions from Facebook's end.

If the above steps did not resolve your issue, reach out to us on [email protected]

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