4. Create a Dashboard
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Please follow the steps below to create a real-time dashboard:

  1. Assign an Account.

  2. Click on ‘+ New’ Select New Dashboard.

  3. Select either a Dashboard Template or Blank Dashboard. If you choose a blank Dashboard, you need to give a name to your dashboard else template name will be taken by default.

  4. Choose a Client. If the selected client doesn't have the chosen template data source (ex: Bing Ads Template) then you'll see a button to manage data sources of that client. You can either link a new data source or assign an existing data source to the client. 

  5. Create Dashboard.

  6. Now, customize the default dashboard by adding the Data/Media Widgets onto the Dashboard.

  7. You can also download and send this Dashboard in PPT, PDF or Excel formats.

  8. You can also publish to library for future use.

Have questions about getting started with dashboard? Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] 

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